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Our story

About us

Tina Avguštin has combined her SPA and Wellness Centre experience with the family tradition of clay-working spanning 70 years and created natural cosmetic products based on the homemade, Slovenian clay from Komenda, naturally rich in silica! 

In what we belive?

We deeply believe in CLAY therapy for the skin, hair & senses. GlinaSi natural cosmetics is not only beauty-care, but also spirit-care experience. It makes you feel like the best version of yourself. It makes you feel loved. And it wakes up a fairy in you.  

Why clay in products?

Our family has been digging our own special clay, known for its therapeutic properties, for almost 70 years now.  It is a few MILION YEARS old, very pure and rare and also rich with minerals!  Our Clay is exclusively sun-dried and all processing is entirely handmade

The use of clay in cosmetics is nothing new – Cleopatra already used clay! In other words, the GlinaSi  line is an ancient ritual with a modern twist: in GlinaSi Cosmetics, we have adapted the traditional use of clay to the present needs of skin care and created products rich in natural minerals that are hidden in clay, and which entice everyone to feel the energy of clay on their skin.

Why slovenian clay?

The only country with LOVE in it's name is situated between mighty Alpine mountains and the warm Adriatic sea and is one of the most forested country in Europe.

Slovenia is a water-rich country and contains a lot of underground water. This is one of the reasons our GlinaSi clay is so special and different- it is really rich with minerals, especially Silicates.

And traveling through Slovenia, with all her green magic, crystal clear water, charming villages,   beautiful castles and mystic caves is much like walking into a fairytale, this is why we have faeries on our natural cosmetics

What means GlinaSi?

Glina means clay and Si means Slovenia or Silica. Wrapped in faeries that represents beautiful slovenian fairytale country. 

Is your clay sun-driend?

Yes! Our Clay is exclusively sun-dried and all processing is entirely handmade. This mode of drying takes time and ensure full respect for the properties of the clay. And it is also friendly for the environment

10 things you need to know about GlinaSi cosmetics?

1. All products are formulated by holistic skincare expert, licensed esthetician, and massage therapist Tina Avguštin.

2. We have 70 years familiy tradition with Slovenian Clay;

3. Cruelty free and not tested on animals;

4. All products are crafted in small batches;

5. Handmade with love in Slovenia (EU);

6. Inspired by clay faeries : )

7. NO parabens, No Synthetic Fragrance, No silicone, no mineral oils and no other nasties.

8. 100% natural, pure, fresh;

9. Grey colour products: as they contain grey clay which has an extremely high content of natural Silica, also known as a beauty mineral!

10. We are beauty & spirit care ;

Are the products certified?

Because the EU laws are strict the clay is analysed by the Institute of Public Health as well as other tests for determining the purity and composition of the clay. In addition, the clay and cosmetic products have also been analysed for all the necessary safety assessments which classify them among products which are safe to use!

The clay powder that we offer is 100% natural and pure but is not a plant. Only plant ingredients from organic farming can be certified “organic.”

Since our products are made by hand, based on a Committee’s expert opinion, the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia has included them among the products of Slovenian handicraft and bear the Certificate of Slovenian Handicraft! :)

Are GlinaSi products tested on animals?

No! Big no! All products are cruelty free – no products or ingredients are tested on animals! ... And never will be.

Tinas story

... My story, however, started somewhere in between ...

Namely, I was born into a family where for 70 years everything revolved around clay. Now, try to imagine me as a 5-year-old girl, watching people from all over Slovenia who visited us to obtain clay to treat their health problems. It seemed as if they had fallen from the moon – the clay was supposed to be used for making hot kilns and clay snakes, cubes and houses, and not for putting it on one’s head or back, or worse still, for drinking? And each person who visited us could tell a story of why it helped them and how they used it!

However, I continued to use clay to build my houses, gorillas and dolls. All this until my friend’s father came to get some clay... My friend was having severe headaches ... which never seemed to stop... Her father tied a clay wrap to her head for a few hours each evening, and later he left it overnight ... And her migraine was cured by the clay! Wow, so clay also helped people that I knew.

But this was still not enough for me to perceive clay as a “cure” which can be obtained on the shelves in a shop, etc. During my studies I finished my first (of the many to come later) school of massage. And after that I was “hooked”. As a student, I started working in different salons, SPA centres and health resorts where my knowledge of therapies, massages, care and constant use of clay intertwined – in at least one of the sessions clients were offered something in connection with clay. Clay for facial rituals, clay for body shaping, clay for hair rituals, clay deodorants, …

And at this point everything made one great whole. First, I started making cosmetic and therapeutic products ..., out of clay (something I have seen at home numerous times), but now it was different. I added essential oils and the product got a brand new dimension. Then I added herbs and got my all-in-one home apothecary.

And now we have a whole line of cosmetic products from clay for home use – clay baths, clay masks, clay creams, clay serums, clay scrubs, clay soaps, clay shampoo bars, clay deodorants and more. Moreover, I am also the author of the first Slovenian book CLAY FOR EVERYDAY USE (GLINA ZA VSAK DAN) and of many magazine and web articles

If someone had told me back then that GlinaSi would one day grow into a company of 4+ employees that ships worldwide and has an actual shipping, manufacturing and warehouse facilities I would have thought they were crazy. Thanks for reading and supporting this journey! None of this would be possible without you guys! I’m forever grateful for your support and look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.

Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your every day self care. We’re honoured!

Love, Tina ❤️

Made with pure therapeutic grey clay

Made with pure therapeutic grey clay

Handcrafted with love in Europe

Handcrafted with love in Europe

Pure botanical ingredients

Pure botanical ingredients

Environmentally and animal friendly

Environmentally and animal friendly