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  1. Rating

    Super deodorant! Effective, withstands all-day intense activities.:)

    review by Katja on 8/27/2021
  2. Rating

    I met clay fairies when I was looking for a natural, effective, nice-smelling deodorant made in Slovenia. Strong fresh meets all conditions :)

    review by Andreja on 8/9/2021
  3. Rating

    The deodorant is really TOP :) :) really the best. I can’t wait to try the other products.

    review by Tina on 6/16/2021
  4. Rating

    My partner and I are using your deodorant and we are really surprised what it can do!

    review by Sanja on 5/24/2021
  5. Rating

    Your deodorants are the only ones that WORKS for me!

    review by Lejla on 5/24/2021
  6. Rating

    It's really good!

    review by Eva on 3/15/2021
  7. Rating

    Fresh Strong deodorant is really good! The best product I have tried so far. Wonderful!

    review by Katja on 2/16/2021
  8. Rating

    Deodorant positively surprised both of us (boyfriend and me)! I can’t believe there are no unpleasant odors all day long!

    review by Sanja on 1/25/2021
  9. Rating

    For my teenage daughter, I bought a natural deo cream, which of course I had to test myself. I love it and it works and lasts all day.

    review by Tajda on 12/21/2020
  10. Rating

    my boyfriend wondered how he didn't smell anything during the day :)

    review by Sara on 10/19/2020
  11. Rating

    I tried deodorant for the hills. After 11km I was overjoyed because I still smelled nice. And there was no stench in the evening. I adore this clay more and more every day! I already use it on my hair, under my armpits and on my legs. :)

    review by Mateja on 8/7/2020
  12. Rating

    I was most impressed with the deodorant, which is really mega. It is finely lubricated, does not leave stains on clothes, does not have an intense smell and does not irritate the skin. I am really very satisfied with the product, as I have already tried many natural deodorants, but they did not give the desired effect.

    review by Tjaša on 7/28/2020
  13. Rating

    The deodorant is great. It is effective in preventing odors, and still smells nice. It is used by me, my husband and my mom, we are all very happy. Now we have tested it on our daughter, who is coming into puberty and it works great on her as well. I am infinitely grateful that the unpleasant smell can be suppressed in a completely natural way with her as well! Thanks!

    review by Nina on 7/28/2020
  14. Rating

    Your deodorant is really the best - pleasant smell, gentle texture and very durable. I'm not replacing it :)

    review by Alenka on 7/28/2020
  15. Rating

    Great deodorant, does a great job, even on the hottest days. At the same time, it is completely natural and gentle on the skin. Great product just like other products from Tina's hands.

    review by Anja on 7/28/2020
  16. Rating

    Simply natural, perfect, ... First I was positively shocked by the wonderful smell, then the texture, and after application its effectiveness ... This deodorant is to blame for the fact that I decided to try other clay products from Tina .... and I'm really excited about everything I've tried so far ... Thank you ...

    review by Anja on 7/28/2020
  17. Rating

    Another product I can't live without. It has become my daily routine and I am really glad I decided to take the test. Deodorant is completely natural, so my body is healthier and consequently sweating no longer has a strong smell. The cream is super lubricating and lasts a really long time. Even a very small application is enough for a feeling of freshness and a nice smell. Thanks!

    review by Ana on 7/28/2020
  18. Rating

    one of my favorite products. A natural and at the same time strong deodorant. After using it, I no longer smell it, but it is free of chemicals.

    review by Eva on 7/28/2020
  19. Rating

    Most Top Product. Due to the pleasant smell of the product, my armpits are fresh and have a pleasant smell

    review by Katarina on 7/28/2020
  20. Rating

    I tried it to see if it lasted all day - that is, from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. I was VERY surprised because he endured the job (office type, but stress is not lacking :-)), and then in the evening even an hour of intense exercise (before that I did not wash perfectly and re-applied deota). My usual deodorant definitely can’t do that.

    review by Sabina on 7/28/2020
  21. Rating

    And here's the thing: I've never had a better deodorant in my life than yours! :) Thanks!

    review by Vasja on 7/28/2020
  22. Rating

    I am very happy with the deodorant and I have already ordered it :)

    review by Jernej on 7/28/2020
  23. Rating

    Dear Tina. This deodorant is the BEST! I've been sweating a lot since I can remember, because I like very spicy and especially meat food, I also 'smell' very strongly ... But since I have this thing of yours, I haven't had these problems! She was even tried on a hot vacation in the middle of this winter.

    review by Majda on 7/28/2020
  24. Rating

    I finally found it :-) Tina what you did is top top ... I am very happy. Usually, when I take the child to kindergarten and do what is necessary, I had to change my clothes. Now we can play on the playground even in the afternoon and there is no unpleasant smell. Thank you thank you thank you for creating for All of us.

    review by Maja on 7/28/2020
  25. Rating

    It works 100% for me! I have tried many deodorants, but this one is the best!

    review by Simona on 7/28/2020
  26. Rating

    i have already tried the deodorant cream and it is really great.

    review by Špela on 7/9/2020
  27. Rating

    I am extremely pleased with your deodorant. It is the only one that offers me freshness all day long! :)

    review by Zala on 6/29/2020
  28. Rating

    Ta deodorant je super, drži cel dan, ima lepo naraven vonj in je zelo mazljiv. Top!!!

    review by Timea on 2/8/2020
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Deodorant cream FRESH STRONG

Experience the Clay effect and make the switch! Perfect for all skin types.

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: €9.95

Akcijska cena: €7.95

The FRESH STRONG deodorant cream is a strong and non-toxic deodorant with our Mineral Rich Grey Clay, that works in a completely NATURAL way. Beautifully soft Coconut Oil and Shea Butter will nourish the skin while baking soda and clay powder help to draw the moisture from your body, absorb it and neutralizes sweat pH. The natural, gentle and fresh essential oils work in perfect harmony, do not clog the pores and help maintain freshness.

Lemongrass eucalyptus natural essential oil blend has sweet grassy of fresh lemongrass with a hint of minty scent. Like a fresh summer mornig. 

Apply a pea-sized amount of cream to the clean skin of your underarms. And don’t forget to put a cream in your travel bag! 


  • For men and women and all skin types. 
  • Formulated by holistic skincare expert, licensed esthetician, and massage therapist Tina Avguštin. 
  • Inspired by Ancient beauty rituals ;
  • 60 years familiy tradition with Slovenian Clay;
  • 100% pure ;
  • 100% natural;
  • 100% Cruelty free and not tested on animals;
  • Original product;
  • Handmade with love in Slovenia (EU)
  • Crafted in small batches;
  • No aluminum;
  • No alcohol formula;
  • No parabens;
  • No Synthetic Fragrance;
  • No silicone, mineral oils & parabens;


  • INCI : Butyrospermum Parkii ( Shea ) Butter • Cera Alba ( Beeswax ) • Sodium Bicarbonate • Pure grey Clay • Cocos Nucifera ( Coconut) Oil • Cymbopogon Flexuosus ( Lemongrass ) Oil • Eucalyptus Globulus ( Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil •  Citral* Geraniol* d-Limonene* Linalool* Citronellol* Eugenol* ● * naturally in Essential Oils
  • Produce: T.A. NARAVA Tina Avguštin s.p., Suhadole 5c, 1218 Komenda, Slovenia, EU
  • Weight: 25 ml
Inspired by Clay Fairy

Inspired by Clay Fairy

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Not tested on animals and never will be

Not tested on animals and never will be

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

70 years family clay tradition

70 years family clay tradition