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  1. Rating

    I got the shampoo for the first time as a gift from my daughter-in-law. We hit it off immediately ♥ . Thank you for creating it for me too.

    review by Lili on 2/2/2023
  2. Rating

    Natural, fragrant and foaming hair soap. I really like it!

    review by Irena on 2/2/2023
  3. Rating

    All of a sudden, my scalp couldn't take the usual shampoo and hair dye anymore. I scratched myself to the point of blood, my scalp felt like it was on fire! Of course, I urgently got an examination from a dermatologist, who gave me temporary medication, but she told me that I could use any shampoo. I tried more and it still felt awful, but the 'fire' was gone because of the meds. I finally found this clay hard shampoo that totally calmed my itching and redness. Since then I have been using it constantly and I don't intend to change it! Thank you Tina and the team! this time I'm sending you a hug, Tina, like I always get when I open your super-smelling package that always makes me happy!

    review by Cvetka on 2/2/2023
  4. Rating

    I used it for the first time and I am very surprised. A wonderful product!

    review by Marija on 2/2/2023
  5. Rating

    Dear Tina, thank you for your products, they are great ♥ . Because I have psoriasis, I have changed my personal care products a lot, including shampoos and conditioners. The shampoo lathers gently and richly, leaving the hair feeling light and clean after rinsing. With clay solid hair conditioner, it is a successful combination for naturally beautiful, shiny and clean hair.

    review by Branka on 2/2/2023
  6. Rating

    A wonderful product for my hair that I don't want replace it with any other shampoo.
    Even my daughter, who has a sensitive scalp, is very satisfied.

    review by Špela on 1/26/2023
  7. Rating

    Great. My daughter has been using it for more than a year and her hair is less greasy than before use :)

    review by Jasmina on 1/26/2023
  8. Rating

    Really great shampoo!

    review by Staša on 1/26/2023
  9. Rating

    Used soap shampoo for the first time and it's great.

    review by Darja on 1/26/2023
  10. Rating

    I love this shampoo bar! :)

    review by Cvetka on 1/19/2023
  11. Rating

    I just went to work after the maternity ward, the colleagues were impressed with my hair... I had to tell who the credit goes to. Thank you once again and all the best in the future

    review by Nataša on 1/11/2023
  12. Rating

    Thank you, your products are wonderful: I am very happy with the hair soap, they have recovered perfectly from falling out, which is unfortunately a common occurrence these days.

    review by Marta on 1/11/2023
  13. Rating

    Solid shampoo is also a surprise. Rub a little on wet hair and they are perfectly bound. Then pleasant and soft to the touch.

    review by Vlasta on 1/11/2023
  14. Rating

    This hard shampoo is gentle on the scalp, the hair is clean and voluptuous! I recommend!

    review by Si on 1/11/2023
  15. Rating

    The shampoo is wonderful, it lathers well, it has a beneficial effect on the scalp, it helps me a lot with psoriasis. I haven't changed it since I bought it. I recommend!!!!

    review by Iris on 1/11/2023
  16. Rating

    The clay shampoo impressed me with its smell and performance. After use, the hair is soft, the scalp is cleansed and soothed. I recommend!

    review by Maja on 12/27/2022
  17. Rating

    The best shampoo for hair! I switched from washing my hair every 3 days to washing it once a week ♥ one shampoo is enough for half a year :) I have been using it for two years and will continue to do so. All praise! ♥

    review by Manuela on 12/20/2022
  18. Rating

    I wouldn't trade this shampoo for anything in the world, I'm really very satisfied with it.

    review by Sara on 12/12/2022
  19. Rating

    Today I used the shampoo for the first time, by just lathering it between my hands and then on my hair. Great lather and really uses very little. Thanks to the hairdresser who recommended it to me or to her client who brings the hard shampoo with her. :)

    review by Neli on 11/22/2022
  20. Rating

    Best shampoo ever. I have thin hair, I dye it with henna and I'm always looking for the best natural hair wash. Now I'm ending a year trial. (it was "accidental": I got a sample, used it and made up my mind). Thank you also for always kind message in the package. Keep this habit even when there are many more packages

    review by Mateja on 11/21/2022
  21. Rating

    I tried your shampoo for the first time and I have to write that I was very, very satisfied with the first hair wash. You really convince me and I will certainly continue to use it. Thank you for a natural and quality product. I recommend the purchase.

    review by Aleksandra on 11/2/2022
  22. Rating

    I have been using clay shampoo for many years and it has helped with the itching and I have also reduced the number of washes with it. I am also very happy about the ecological packaging! I don't change it anymore :)

    review by Ana on 11/2/2022
  23. Rating

    I have been using The Beauty clay shampoo for a long time and I really like it because it lasts a long time, because it foams up nicely and cleans my hair❤️

    review by Vilma on 10/27/2022
  24. Rating

    For years, I only used hair salon-bought shampoo because it was the only one that suited me. When I came across the clay shampoo, I decided to give it a try. And it suits me very well. It lathers well, cleans the hair thoroughly and makes it soft. The hair is in excellent condition, especially in combination with the clay conditioner. So I found my new favorite and best shampoo, I swear by it and recommend it to everyone! But the best thing is that it does not burn or irritate the eyes if the foam accidentally comes into contact with them, so I also use it regularly when washing my son's hair.

    review by Tina on 10/27/2022
  25. Rating

    Excellent shampoo, I've been using it for some time and I would recommend it, especially for curly hair

    review by Jelka on 10/24/2022
  26. Rating

    Great shampoo!

    review by Dunja on 10/13/2022
  27. Rating

    I agree with the comments that after using it for a long time, the hair is fresher, softer, with a pleasant, unobtrusive and at the same time neutral, gentle smell, it lathers very nicely and also washes the scalp well. I don't use any other anymore. ;)

    review by Eva on 10/11/2022
  28. Rating

    Excellent shampoo, the hair are pleasant to the touch and fresh for a long time. ♥

    review by Simona on 10/10/2022
  29. Rating

    The best shampoo I've ever tried ❤️

    review by Andreja on 10/2/2022
  30. Rating

    A wonderful shampoo for hair. After washing, my hair are soft and absolutely gorgeous. I've been using solid shampoo for a couple of years and I i love it!

    review by Danila on 9/25/2022
  31. Rating

    I have been using this soap for washing my hair for quite some time now. In the beginning, it took me a little more time to get used to using it, but now I wouldn't change it for anything else. My hair is clean, without dandruff or grease.

    review by Tanja on 9/23/2022
  32. Rating

    I'm really looking forward to the products. Until now, I have only used hard shampoo for my hair, which I no longer change.

    review by Tina on 9/23/2022
  33. Rating

    I have been using the shampoo for a year and I completely fell in love with it. With its gentle foamy structure, it effectively cleanses my hair and scalp. Awareness that the product is completely natural comforts me because I use it several times a week. The hair is soft, fragrant with full volume.

    review by Barbara on 6/6/2022
  34. Rating

    Top product. The shampoo is used by all members of the family and children love it very much.

    review by Tea on 6/2/2022
  35. Rating

    My favorite shampoo! I have been using it for 2 years and I am not replacing it. The dandruff is gone and the hair is less greasy. Thanks <3

    review by Alja on 5/25/2022
  36. Rating

    Great shampoo. It seems to protect my hair. They are more silky, comb better and get greasy later. I have been using it for many years and I recommend it.

    review by Ana on 5/25/2022
  37. Rating

    Great hard shampoo. The only hard shampoo that suits me. I have colored hair and after washing it does not become dull despite not using your conditioner. After drying, they are denser and beautifully shaped.
    I recommend❤️

    review by Giliola on 5/9/2022
  38. Rating

    Great, especially for oily hair.

    review by Ramona on 5/3/2022
  39. Rating

    Great shampoo, mild for the scalp, I reduced the number of washes per week :)
    Very pleasant smell.

    review by Ana on 5/3/2022
  40. Rating

    The shampoo foams super nicely and it smells great. As soon as I started using it, the time between washing my hair increased, as my hair is no longer greasy as it was when I used other shampoos. Great product! :)

    review by Katja on 5/3/2022
  41. Rating

    The best natural shampoo I have ever tried. I like it because it foams up nicely right away. Great shampoo.

    review by Karmen on 4/25/2022
  42. Rating

    Super shampoo with great scent. All the girls in the family like to use it because their hair is soft and breathable.

    review by Staša on 4/22/2022
  43. Rating

    I washed my hair for the first time yesterday with your shampoo, it’s really magical. I only lost a couple of hairs, otherwise I lose at least three times as much.

    review by Apolonija on 4/20/2022
  44. Rating

    It smells really nice and makes beautiful shiny hair!

    review by Jerca on 4/20/2022
  45. Rating

    All products are great. We are happy to use them.

    review by Simona on 4/20/2022
  46. Rating

    We have been using this shampoo for quite some time and I do not buy any commercial preparations because it suits everyone in the family.

    review by Karolina on 4/20/2022
  47. Rating

    This is my absolute favorite among the products! At first I was skeptical about how it is even possible to wash my hair with a hard shampoo, so I didn’t add it to my cart on my first purchase. But Tina added it;) As a sample and that was - "love at first wash"! ;) It foams so nicely, it smells neutral, the hair is clean (it stays clean longer than usual) and healthy, because they like it the most that I don't apply chemicals to it. Personally, I had rather weak hair and very frequent dandruff. That has changed. I don't know if it will help you in this way, but I am sure that this shampoo is much more natural and unobtrusive for the body. I sincerely recommend the purchase and suggest a combination with Silky balm. ;)

    review by Mojca on 4/11/2022
  48. Rating

    It is a shampoo that has brought balance to my hair. I have been using it for more than 3 years now and when I run out of it I think about whether I would try it with some other product and I change my mind every time and place an order again. At the same time, there is always a gift or dedication waiting for me when I receive it, which gives me feelings of gratitude and prolongs the bond, which is very close to my heart.

    review by Karolina on 4/11/2022
  49. Rating

    I have been using Beauty shampoo for about 2 years. I have used natural shampoos before, this one suits me best. I am 52 years old and have virtually no gray hair (I have long hair). I believe also because of the use of natural shampoos like this one. Plus, the packaging is ecological and the fact that we do not poison groundwater.

    review by Mojca on 4/11/2022
  50. Rating

    Shampoo is top. In the beginning I had a bit of a problem with the quantity, now I have found the right ratio and I don't replace it with another one ...

    review by Valerija on 4/11/2022
  51. Rating

    Great shampoo. Lots of foam and smells nice :)

    review by Simona on 4/11/2022
  52. Rating

    I am very positively surprised. I have shampooed twice, I like to lather a lot, because the variants of natural shampoos that did not lather have not worked on my oily hair so far. Your shampoo cleaned my fat really nicely, and my hair seems to shine nicely.

    review by Meta on 4/6/2022
  53. Rating

    It's really great! Something completely different than commercial shampoos. Soothes irritated, itchy scalp and leaves hair soft. I recommend storing in a separate, dry container because the shampoo starts to dissolve in water quickly.

    review by Melita on 4/5/2022
  54. Rating

    I recommend buying this shampoo bar! I have been using the shampoo for a few years now and it is really great. I like it because it foams nicely and is easy to apply.

    review by Irena on 3/30/2022
  55. Rating

    I rate it with the highest possible rating. From the first order, it is always on the shelf in the bathroom, even as a reserve :), because I would not exchange it with another.

    review by Mihaela on 3/22/2022
  56. Rating

    Great shampoo! It allows easy application because it foams nicely and the hair is soft after use. After long-term use, I noticed less dandruff and split ends. It is also wonderful that the packaging is environmentally friendly.

    review by Katja on 3/21/2022
  57. Rating

    Stunning scent, sophisticated design and wonderful packaging ... this hard shampoo is a real treat for the hair and offers a very special hair washing experience.

    review by Vanja on 3/15/2022
  58. Rating

    Great shampoo, my hair is much less greasy. I recommend.

    review by Zorica on 3/15/2022
  59. Rating

    After giving birth, I began to experience sensitive and itchy scalp. Shampoos from the store only made the situation worse. So I told myself to try your hard shampoo. At first, I admit, I was a little skeptical when I read the ingredients. I thought that my hair would remain greasy after washing because of all the ingredients of the shampoo. I will definitely become your regular customer. Bravo :)

    review by Andreja on 3/14/2022
  60. Rating

    Wonderful shampoo, plastic-free packaging is also an advantage, great!

    review by Špela on 3/14/2022
  61. Rating

    My favorite shampoo for a few years now.
    Since using it, I no longer have scalp problems. Thanks!

    review by Karnen on 3/14/2022
  62. Rating

    I don’t trade it for any other shampoo. Convenient, gentle and thorough in cleansing hair. I have loved and sworn to shampoo for years.

    review by Urška on 3/14/2022
  63. Rating

    I have been using this shampoo bar for a long time and I am very satisfied. I really recommend.

    review by Jana on 3/14/2022
  64. Rating

    Smells great, easy to use. Everything is TOP! I recommend!

    review by Nina on 3/9/2022
  65. Rating

    This wonderful clay shampoo saved my very complicated hair. They don’t fall out to me anymore, they’re not as greasy as they used to be. And they are pleasantly soft and shiny. For several years now, shampoo has been my faithful companion. Great!

    review by Ines Clara on 3/7/2022
  66. Rating

    Great !!! Shampoo really does what it says! Highly recommend!

    review by Cvetka on 3/3/2022
  67. Rating

    This is by far the best shampoo for me. I have been using it for quite some time (probably for years). I highly recommend!

    review by Maja on 1/12/2022
  68. Rating

    The best shampoo ever ... I really recommend it ... it's top !!!

    review by Neja on 1/4/2022
  69. Rating

    The beauty shampoo is the best shampoo in the world! ♥ Thanks for all the great products! :)

    review by Ines on 12/13/2021
  70. Rating

    I am more than happy with the shampoo. Ever since I first used it I still use it. Thank you for your great product. All the best ♥

    review by Majda on 12/3/2021
  71. Rating

    The best. Great shampoo for my atopic dermatitis on the scalp ♥

    review by Andreja on 11/12/2021
  72. Rating

    The hairdresser was amazed that I have such healthy hair. The faeries in the clay shampoo really do their job : D

    review by Irena on 11/4/2021
  73. Rating

    For the first time, my head didn’t itch after washing. So a really great product. ❤ thank you and good luck!

    review by Valentina on 7/30/2021
  74. Rating

    I decided to use clay shampoo bar because I wanted a shampoo without unnecessary additives. I was very happy with the shampoo!

    review by Tjaša on 7/28/2021
  75. Rating

    Very pleasant, gentle and effective. Clay is really wonderful for my hair.

    review by Andreja on 7/15/2021
  76. Rating

    Hair shampoo is great. I have tried a lot of different solid shampoos and I have to say that yours is by far the best :)

    review by Barbara on 7/12/2021
  77. Rating

    I want to share a good experience again :) Or one interesting aspect of hair care. It will be about a year and a half now since I have been using your hard shampoo for my hair. The last 2 times I checked with the hairdresser to see what my hair looked like. And they say they are extremely healthy and strong. :) So, here’s another proof that the products are top notch. I am most happy with the shampoo. At the last purchase, I added balm to the basket, so now I'm trying the combination. I look forward to!

    review by Darja on 7/7/2021
  78. Rating

    I have to say I tried another natural shampoo because I ran out of yours and that’s not it, fairies really work wonders ♥

    review by Lucija on 5/24/2021
  79. Rating

    Great! I have otherwise chemically treated hair, so I never believed that anything natural would suit me and despite various attempts, it really didn’t. Until my mom showed me the clay shampoo !! Brilliant! I use a clay shampoo on the top of my head and a hair shampoo on the colored tips. Sometimes I use a clay shampoo for the entire length and honestly - no difference is noticed.

    review by Neža on 4/19/2021
  80. Rating

    It all started when a friend gave me a clay shampoo. I didn't like it the first time I used it. After the third use, I became very fond of it. I got the feeling that my hair was just shining. Even the hairdresser praised them. They look very healthy. Once I stopped using clay in between because I wanted to use some other shampoo until the end, my hair quickly resisted and stopped shining. I have been using clay shampoo for three years now and I am not replacing it anymore. During this time, my bathroom has been enriched by at least 15 more of your products. And what other fairy will join.

    A sincere thank you for your work, care for nature and health

    review by Klavdija on 4/12/2021
  81. Rating

    The BEAUTY shampoo bar is the best shampoo I have ever used. I have very oily hair and the shampoo extended my washing time for two days. In addition, I also had dandruff and now it is gone. The shampoo also has a very pleasant smell, so the hair is fragrant and shiny after washing. it feels like a fairy washes your hair.

    review by Urška on 4/12/2021
  82. Rating

    Shampoo without comparison! I have thinner but very thick hair, which often looks like straw on my head after drying. Ever since I switched to this shampoo, my hair has been soft, supple and breathable, like being at a hairdresser. When I ran out of it 1x, and tried a liquid hair shampoo from the store ... There’s no comparison, like day and night!

    review by Karin on 3/31/2021
  83. Rating

    This shampoo is really great. Makes hair beautiful and soft. I don’t trade it for anyone else anymore.

    review by Tanja on 3/22/2021
  84. Rating

    Great products. I am a regular user of shampoo bar and it is the only one that does not grease my hair.

    review by Jana on 3/22/2021
  85. Rating

    I have been using the shampoo for a long time and it is really great. I have very thick hair, I had little doubt that the shampoo would suit my hair, but it is really great. Now I also use a conditioner which is also great. I also really like the packaging design. you are great :)

    review by Barabara on 3/15/2021
  86. Rating

    I can’t wait to get your products. I had to wash my hair a few times with one other shampoo because I didn’t order yours on time and it’s really not comparable. :)

    review by Daša on 2/19/2021
  87. Rating

    This shampoo is really unique. I struggled with dandruff for months and tried many shampoos but none of them helped me. After using the clay beauty shampoo, I noticed the results after the first wash. And the hair is so divinely soft and shiny after washing

    review by Danaja on 2/11/2021
  88. Rating

    The best shampoo for the whole family. The hair is soft and shiny after washing. :)

    review by Mojca on 1/22/2021
  89. Rating

    I use shampoo and clay lemon soap. Both are really great. :)

    review by Andreja on 1/11/2021
  90. Rating

    Wow the best shampoo on the market, and I’ve tried quite a few. The hair is soft, fresh and smells nice. It is a real pleasure to massage your scalp! Thanks for the great product!

    review by Damjana on 1/11/2021
  91. Rating

    one really big compliment for clay shampoos! they are so great!

    review by Katarina on 1/6/2021
  92. Rating

    Great for hair care!

    review by Sandra on 12/23/2020
  93. Rating

    I tried your beauty shampoo for the first time today, and it left me totally thrilled. I told this to my father and suggested he try it. Guess what, he was very impressed too. I will be ordering shampoo for him soon.

    review by Špela on 12/14/2020
  94. Rating

    I tried this shampoo today and it is excellent - I usually washed my hair with soda before shampooing because after that they weren't really greasy. Now I only used your shampoo and the hair is really beautiful!

    review by Sabina on 12/10/2020
  95. Rating

    Hard shampoo is great, very long lasting, even my hair doesn’t need to be washed as often! Thank you!!!

    review by Petra on 12/7/2020
  96. Rating

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful products. Both - boyfriend and I use Shampoos and soaps and we really love clay;)

    review by Urška on 11/27/2020
  97. Rating

    The best shampoos in the world.

    review by Polona on 11/27/2020
  98. Rating

    I already have this shampoo - and it's the best shampoo I've ever had.

    review by Klara on 11/27/2020
  99. Rating

    All I love products, they are fantastic. I appreciate hair products the most, both shampoo and conditioner, because now my hair can last up to 4 days.

    review by Staša on 11/25/2020
  100. Rating

    Finally one shampoo after which my hair is no longer greasy and I don’t have to wash my hair every other day. Not to mention the foam it makes and the pleasant smell.... Other clay products are also very good and unique.

    review by Tadeja on 11/25/2020
  101. Rating

    I am very happy with the shampoo, because I have really sensitive hair and at the same time greasy, I usually wash my hair every 2 days. Now, I haven’t washed my hair in 4 days -and they didn’t get greasy! Thank you, I will definitely order something else!

    review by Urška on 11/23/2020
  102. Rating

    The shampoo suits us all very well (except for my husband - but he is bald -so... :)

    review by Tjaša on 11/20/2020
  103. Rating

    I am really happy with the shampoo and conditioner. For the first time in my life, my hair has volume and amazing shine. And I strive for everyone to try how soft they are. I can’t wait for every hair wash. You’re great and I can’t wait to order and try something new.

    review by Melita on 11/13/2020
  104. Rating

    Shampoo is really great!

    review by Katarina on 11/11/2020
  105. Rating

    Great shampoo! Finally I no longer have oily scalp and completely dry tips. The hair is soft, shiny and beautiful.

    review by Alja on 11/10/2020
  106. Rating

    Let me first say, that I love your products and i used them regularly. Your Gorgeus cream and Beauty shampoo are constantly in stock with me and are just phenomenal. :)

    review by Vesna on 11/4/2020
  107. Rating

    wonderful hair shampoo!

    review by Tanja on 11/4/2020
  108. Rating

    How nice is this shampoo! :) Above all, I was surprised that it foams so much.

    review by Eva on 10/22/2020
  109. Rating

    My daughter and I only use this shampoo. The post office says the new stock is already on its way. :)

    review by Katarin on 10/13/2020
  110. Rating

    The best shampoo in the world!

    review by Magda on 10/12/2020
  111. Rating

    I love your products. My hair are so beautiful now :)

    review by Ana on 10/9/2020
  112. Rating

    I have been buying from you for a long time and I keep coming back. Your hair products have no competition.

    review by Katja on 10/5/2020
  113. Rating

    Very satisfied . I use shampoo bar Beauty
    and hair conditioner bar Silky (after using only these two, I have soft and shiny hair and they also don’t get greasy.) I also use a face mask and i can't praise enough face cream Gorgous. The skin is smooth like silk when you touch your face. Thanks for these beautiful products.

    review by Majda on 10/5/2020
  114. Rating

    I bought my first The beauty shampoo over a year ago. It’s been my only shampoo since.

    review by Milena on 9/29/2020
  115. Rating

    My 4 boys and I also don't use any other hair care anymore, just clay - from head to toe. :)

    review by Mojca on 9/23/2020
  116. Rating

    Dear Tina, I would like to share with you one wonderful experience ..... Since I have been using a set of clay shampoo bar & conditioner bar regularly for almost 3 months - after each (chlorinated) swim - my natural hair color is more beautiful and with less shiny silver in between - In short ... I don't replace it with any other.

    review by Kristin on 9/23/2020
  117. Rating

    I have been using “fairy” shampoo for a while now and even if due to circumstances I happen to use another shampoo, I can always reaffirm how this one suits my hair better.

    review by Alenka on 9/23/2020
  118. Rating

    This has been the only shampoo I use for a long time! I am very happy with it :)! I have already recommended it to many friends! Thank you for your effort and kindness. Keep up the good work!

    review by Emma on 9/23/2020
  119. Rating

    Best shampoo ever!

    review by Melita on 9/21/2020
  120. Rating

    Dear Tina, your products are great, this shampoo is for my boyfriend who has a head full of dreadlocks and the shampoo really suits him. Continue this magic :)

    review by Tjaša on 9/18/2020
  121. Rating

    I am very happy with the shampoo.

    review by Ines on 9/14/2020
  122. Rating

    Dear Tina, thank you for the effort and energy you put into your work and the new products you pamper us with. Your solid shampoo bar is so great to me that after a very long time of its use, when I ran out and tried another natural Bio, otherwise liquid, I was very disappointed. It didn’t foam at all and I had to apply it over and over again. Your clay shampoo, however, is really great because just two strokes on my hair are really enough, despite having long hair. And since using it, just one wash a week is enough for me.

    review by Metka on 9/10/2020
  123. Rating

    This shampoo really makes the hair soft and clean is great!

    review by Tanja on 9/9/2020
  124. Rating

    Hair shampoo is really the best!

    review by Marja on 9/4/2020
  125. Rating

    Some time ago I received a hair shampoo as a gift when ordering :) I really don't know why I waited so long to try it - because this is CRAZY !! What hair! they were never so soft! Waaw!
    Thanks :)

    review by Maša on 8/24/2020
  126. Rating

    Really happy with the shampoo. I have never found hair products that would suit me so well. Thanks for these wonderful products!

    review by Mia on 8/17/2020
  127. Rating

    The hair shampoo is great, I don’t trade it for anything else!

    review by Lavra on 8/17/2020
  128. Rating

    The first product I have bought so far is shampoo. It's great! My daughter also tried it, and she loves it too.

    review by Vesna on 8/6/2020
  129. Rating

    The shampoo is great! I highly recommend! I can't wait to try the other products

    review by Lavra on 8/5/2020
  130. Rating

    I tried a hard shampoo yesterday and was positively surprised that it actually lathers up nicely and cleans my hair and scalp perfectly.Well done!

    review by Tina on 7/24/2020
  131. Rating

    I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner and it’s really great! The hair is really soft and shiny! certainly from now on I only use this one. Thank you!

    review by Mateja on 7/21/2020
  132. Rating

    I am so very, very happy that I found your clay shampoo. I’ve bought shampoos from a to z all these years, but mostly there wasn’t a significant difference. I had to wash my hair clean every day. All surprised, I found that now that I use a clay bar Beauty, I wash my hair for three or four days and my scalp doesn’t itch or burn. Because of the burning scalp, I was also at the dermatologists, but it was no better and I still, after all the ointments and shampoos, had a burning scalp. As a result, my hair fell out badly. So far, I’ve used one bar that works wonders and I’ve already made some stock. I will be happy to try other products as well. Truly, all congratulations and thanks for the top products!

    review by Nataša on 7/13/2020
  133. Rating

    Your shampoo has been used by my whole family for a long time and everyone loves it!

    review by Marijana on 7/13/2020
  134. Rating

    Really top shampoo and conditioner. My hair is getting curly and lush again, and it’s full of new hair

    review by Špela on 7/10/2020
  135. Rating

    Praise for the shampoo, I have been using it for almost half a year now, super happy. I finally have beautiful and shiny hair ... All the products I’ve tried are really nice, and my favorite is the shampoo and face cream.

    review by Manuela on 7/9/2020
  136. Rating

    wonderful products, I finally found a shampoo and my hair are very grateful :-)

    review by Nataša on 7/9/2020
  137. Rating

    All the products bought so far from you are great, and I don't use any other shampoo, only this.

    review by Valentina on 7/9/2020
  138. Rating

    The “The beauty” hard shampoo turned my hair care upside down - in a positive way. My hair is extremely soft and supple after washing, so I don’t have to use the conditioner at all anymore. Also, my hair is no longer greasy like it used to be. I do not exchange clay hard shampoo for anything in the world :)

    review by aNDREJA on 7/9/2020
  139. Rating

    this shampoo is great!

    review by Meta on 7/9/2020
  140. Rating

    I haven’t had my hair so soft and full of volume in years!

    review by Katja on 7/8/2020
  141. Rating

    I love this shampoo bars!

    review by Ana on 7/7/2020
  142. Rating

    already after the first wash I can feel that my hair are grateful.

    review by Živa on 6/26/2020
  143. Rating

    I love this shampoo! :)

    review by Marjeta on 6/26/2020
  144. Rating

    I have to say that I was skeptical about the shampoo because I have very thick hair. But I found that everything is true about your shampoo bar written by enthusiastic users of your cosmetics.
    I trust in your knowledge and I hope you will continue pamper us with your products for a long time.

    review by Vesna on 6/8/2020
  145. Rating

    There are 4 women at our house , 3 of them are long-haired, and we absolutely adore your shampoo! ❤ As long as you make it, I don't replace it with anything else.

    review by Mojca on 6/8/2020
  146. Rating

    I have already washed my hair and they are so beautiful, willing, strong, shiny ... I am very surprised .... I have already shared my positive experience with hair soap with my friends.

    review by Mojca on 6/5/2020
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Shampoo bar THE BEAUTY

A beautiful ritual to clean, energize and beautify all hair types. 

Availability: In stock


The shampoo bar is designed for all hair types and provides the scalp and hair with a special kind of ritual - the gentle and rich foam cleans the hair and revitalises it, leaving it full of energy, soft and nourished in a completely natural way. Our shampoo bar is enriched wtih natural Coconut, Olive Oil, Mineral Grey Clay and Natural Essential Oils and doesn`t contain SLS, silicone or any other ingredients that are harmful for your hair. One bar is equivalent to 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo. 

The Beauty smells like summer, with notes of citrus and Peppermint.

Color of our shampoo bar The beauty represents Amethyst, which is all about self protection and balance. Amethyst facilitates hair growth and scalp health. 

Swipe the shampoo a few times along the entire length of wet hair, massage it in and leave it in your hair for one minute. Thoroughly rinse off. Use conditioner or hair oil, if necessary. 


  • For all types of hair;
  • Perfect for travel;
  • one bar is equivalent to 2-3 bottles of liquit shampoo;
  • Formulated by holistic skincare expert, licensed esthetician, and massage therapist Tina Avguštin. 
  • Inspired by Ancient beauty rituals;
  • 70 years familiy tradition with Slovenian Clay;
  • Pure and Natural;
  • 100% vegan;
  • 100% Cruelty free and not tested on animals;
  • Original product;
  • Handmade with love in Slovenia (EU)
  • Crafted in small batches;
  • No parabens;
  • No Synthetic Fragrance;
  • No silicone, mineral oils & parabens;


  • INCI: Sodium Coco-Sulfate ( made from the fatty acids of coconut oil)  • Aqua • Olea Europaea ( Olive) Fruit Oil • Cocos Nucifera ( Coconut ) Oil • Pure Grey Clay • Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil • Citrus Reticulata ( Mandarin) Peel Oil • Cymbopogon Flexuosus ( Lemongrass) Oil • Mentha Piperita ( Peppermint ) Oil • d-Limonene* • Citral* • * naturally in Essential Oils
  • Produce: T.A. NARAVA Tina Avguštin s.p., Suhadole 5c, 1218 Komenda, Slovenia, EU
  • Weight: 50g
Inspired by Clay Fairy

Inspired by Clay Fairy

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Not tested on animals and never will be

Not tested on animals and never will be

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

70 years family clay tradition

70 years family clay tradition