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  1. Rating

    Sem coffee odvisnik:) tako, da ploščica neverjetno, noro diši. Po uporabi je koža gladka, mehka.

    review by Erika on 8/22/2023
  2. Rating

    Tina, čudovita je! Obožujem nahranjen in gladek občutek po tem, ko uporabim kavno ploščico! Popolna je za mojo suho in izsušeno kožo, medtem ko moja sestra pravi da opaža manj mozoljčkov ( ima mešano - bolj mastno kožo). 5 zvezdic- od obeh sester! :)

    review by Nina on 8/1/2023
  3. Rating

    Zadovoljna z izdelkom. Vonj kave bi lahko dopolnili še s katerim drugim. Upam, da bo uporaba izdelka pomagala pri odpravljanju aken in mozoljev.

    review by Katja on 7/30/2023
  4. Rating

    Čeprav ne maram kave piti, mi pa vseeno diši in ta piling omamno diši. Koža pa je gladka in sijoča.

    review by Tanja on 5/10/2023
  5. Rating

    Odlicen izdelek, ga uporabljam tako za obraz kot telo. Po njem je koza mehka in gladka. Priporocam!

    review by Simona on 5/3/2023
  6. Rating

    My mornings start with this bar, which smells divine to me, even though I don't drink coffee. I've been using it for a long time and it cleans the skin really well, exfoliates nicely and doesn't dry out the skin. The skin is more beautiful, without pimples. It really brightens up my sleepy morning :)

    review by Martina on 2/24/2023
  7. Rating

    I love the smell of coffee and the softness of the skin after using the bar.

    review by Irena on 2/2/2023
  8. Rating

    The Coffee exfoliating bar is wonderful! Cleanses, massages and super moisturizes the skin. The smell is amazing :)

    review by Venesa on 2/2/2023
  9. Rating

    5 stars, beautiful product.

    review by Nada on 1/26/2023
  10. Rating

    Coffee bar is nice, because it leaves the skin a little greasy and not dry, smells nice and of course removes dead skin.

    review by Špela on 1/11/2023
  11. Rating

    This smells so good like coffee that it wakes you up. Very satisfied with the scrub.

    review by Sara on 11/2/2022
  12. Rating

    Coffee bar is for pampering and intoxicating at once. It smells divinely beautiful and the skin is soft and nourished. Irena

    review by Irena on 5/25/2022
  13. Rating

    The bar is great, I bought it because I once received a tester that I liked, and it lasted a very long time ... :) :) :)

    review by Sonja on 5/5/2022
  14. Rating

    Top! I’m not a fan of exfoliating bars, but this one is great. The skin is soft, as if it doesn't need cream.

    review by Barbara on 5/3/2022
  15. Rating

    It's like a little "drug" for my skin and my nostrils. I just adore her :)

    review by Karolina on 4/11/2022
  16. Rating

    A great product for a morning routine. The skin is soft, fragrant and satisfied. ♥ ♥ ♥

    review by Eva on 3/31/2022
  17. Rating

    Hey hey Tina, the coffee bar is top notch, I really love, love, love her! Well I like the smell and my skin love the effect.It cleanses the skin so nicely and smells stunning :) Bravo ♥

    review by Aleksandra on 8/18/2021
  18. Rating

    This coffee scrub fairy is great. It makes my skin soft and beautiful, and it smells insanely nice because I love coffee. :)

    review by Sabina on 8/18/2021
  19. Rating

    Tina ... I have a new favorite product! Clay scrub COFFEE :) I have been using it every night for 2 weeks now and it is really top notch for me! I feel like I don't have pimples anymore because of her :)

    review by Marja on 7/27/2021
  20. Rating

    Tina, she's top notch! I tried it yesterday! Top.

    review by Katja on 7/15/2021
  21. Rating

    She's great! !! The structure is just right, it leaves the skin soft and it smells sooo good that I can barely keep from using it every day! :)

    review by Neža on 5/6/2021
  22. Rating

    I love this wonderful coffee scrub bar :) It smells divine and at the same time moisturizes the skin nicely. ☺️

    review by Aleksandra on 4/22/2021
  23. Rating

    Considering that my facial skin has been heavily exposed to unhealthy influences from the environment for the last two years, mainly because of the work I did, scrub with Coffee was like a balm in the true sense of the word. Yes, I can say that the difference is known after the first use. I decided to use it every 5 days. I'm already looking forward to the results after a few uses. Considering that I am already counting fifty springs, it will be interesting to see how my skin will feel after using Coffee scrub bar a few times. I will definitely be happy to order products again when they run out. Thank you for your time and excellent products.

    review by Dušan on 4/19/2021
  24. Rating

    Tina, Coffee scrub bar is great !!! The skin is smooth and soft after use! And how nice it smells !!!
    I'm really excited about the products, they are great !!!

    review by Tanja on 4/19/2021
  25. Rating

    Before buying the new Coffee peeling bar, I read a comment on your page that "you beat the 1001 Night clay bar". This didn’t seem possible because the smell of 1001 cleansing bar is divine and is my favorite facial cleanser. But you really managed to outdo yourself! The smell of coffee is so strong that I feel like I’m not in the bathroom, but in a coffee pot. Divine. The bar is just right rough to perform exfoliation, but at the same time soft and nourishing. I like its oily texture. I’m really excited and can’t wait to use it again

    review by Ajda on 4/19/2021
  26. Rating

    Hey, Tina. I tried Coffee as an exfoliating body and face. It’s great, it’s not too rough, just right. But at the same time it leaves such a pleasant "oily" but not too greasy feeling. Very nurturing. Great invention. I was already doing a coffee scrub at home, but there was a lot of work and dirt. It is simple, elegant, and a nice nourishing feeling is left on the skin

    review by Nastja on 4/19/2021
  27. Rating

    Tina, good morning. The rating of the coffee peeling bar is a 10. Already after the first use, a lot of old skin went away , but after the second use, the feeling of clean and gentle skin remained - really wonderful. I would definitely recommend it to everyone

    review by Eva on 4/16/2021
  28. Rating


    review by Maja on 4/16/2021
  29. Rating

    This is one of the best scrubs ever.

    I'm not a coffee lover, but the smell of this coffee is pleasant to me. Grateful to be given the opportunity to try peeling the bar by accident as a gift when buying other products. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself. But now, oh it will be my new cosmetic product, always in stock. This exfoliator smells very nice, clean coffee, it is convenient to use, it makes the skin soft. And best of all, after use, it moisturizes the skin and makes such a thin silky layer. However, it has one drawback. It’s too small for the body because it’s so great I would use it day in and day out. Only for the face is a bar of a suitable size (as well as this could be, larger or packed with more bars). It is definitely not enough for the body.
    That it is only made of natural ingredients and eco packaging is a dot on i and an addition to this perfection.

    review by Laura on 4/16/2021
  30. Rating

    I am a passionate coffee lover, everyone who knows me knows that. When I saw the coffee scrub, I said to myself that I must have it. And that's how it came into my hands, it smells wonderful and leaves an even better feeling on the skin, a great product! Thanks * coffeeholic *

    review by Lejla on 4/14/2021
  31. Rating

    I got your coffee bar today and I have to say, that she smells sooooo nice! It also leaves a very very pleasant feeling on my face.

    review by Julija on 4/12/2021
  32. Rating

    Dear Tina, Saturday morning was enhanced by the delivery of a clay package and I really could hardly wait for the evening to try the new coffee creation. Crazy excited !!! The smell, the texture, the feeling on the skin, you will slowly have to start making bigger fairies, because I would need this a lot... it's so nice to sit in the tub with her and get a little coffee massage. Really, thank you for the opportunity to give this fairy a try!

    review by Jerneja on 4/12/2021
  33. Rating

    Tina! Can I honestly tell you my opinion of Cooffe? That this is now my favorite product! She beat 1001 cleansing bar! I tried to make really great scrubs at home, even with coffee. But this one is really good because it’s in the bar and you can do the scrub in a controlled way! I really love it!

    review by Tanja on 4/8/2021
  34. Rating

    But this Tina ... OMG! The best face scrub ever! ♥

    review by Sabina on 4/8/2021
  35. Rating

    How beautiful this new fairy of yours is! It's too early to publish the story, isn't it? :)

    review by Sara on 4/8/2021
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Solid Hand cream Fairy Hands


Body mousse KOKO

Face and body scrub bar COFFEE

Let your skin feels like silk and smells like coffee... The face and body coffee scrub is perfect for all skin types 

Solid face and body scrub COFFEE smells like hot coffee in the morning.

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  • Vsebuje našo glino
  • Prijazno do živali
  • Ročno izdelano v Sloveniji
  • Naravna olja in zelišča
  • Veganski izdelek
  • Izdelek brez plastike
  • Možnost recikliranja

GlinaSi coffee face and body scrub bar is a 100% natural dreamy mixture of mineral-rich grey clay and natural fragrant coffee beans that will gently remove impurities and dead skin cells, whereas natural coconut oil and shea butter will make your skin soft, smooth, shiny, and nurtured. Let the touch of clay and the scent of coffee bring a smile to your face, revitalise and purify your skin, and clear your mind.

SOFT SCRUB (perfect for face care): Wet the bar (or break off only a piece of the bar), dissolve it between wet hands so that only the exfoliating granules remain on your hands, and rub into wet skin with gentle slow circular movements. Breathe the wonderful scent of coffee in and out. At the end, rinse with water.

STRONGER SCRUB (perfect for body care): Wet the bar (or break off only a piece of the bar) and rub into wet skin. Breathe the wonderful scent of coffee in and out. At the end, rinse with water.


  • Face and body scrub
  • Perfect for all skin types:
  • She will make your skin soft, smooth, shiny, and nurtured. 
  • Solid face and body scrub COFFEE smells like hot coffee in the morning.
  • 100% Natural.
  • Vegan.
  • Animal friendly.
  • Plastic-Free
  • Formulated by holistic skincare expert, licensed esthetician, and massage therapist Tina Avguštin. 
  • 70 years familiy tradition with Slovenian Clay;
  • Handmade with love in Slovenia (EU)
  • No parabens;
  • No Synthetic Fragrance;
  • No silicone and mineral oils:


  • Weight : 50 g
  • INCI EU: Theobroma Cacao Seed Powder, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Clay, Coffea Arabica Seed Powder, Tocopherol.
  • Produced by T.A. NARAVA Tina Avguštin s.p., Suhadole 5c, 1218 Komenda, Slovenia, EU

Face and body scrub bar COFFEE

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Made with pure therapeutic grey clay

Made with pure therapeutic grey clay

Handcrafted with love in Europe

Handcrafted with love in Europe

Pure botanical ingredients

Pure botanical ingredients

Environmentally and animal friendly

Environmentally and animal friendly