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    Prijeten deodorant in še lažja uporaba kot tistega v škatlici.

    review by Ana on 2/22/2024
  2. Rating

    Deodorantska ploščica mi je zelo všeč, saj ne masti oblačil hkrati pa je deodorant dovolj močan in kožo prijetno osveži.

    review by Natasa on 2/3/2024
  3. Rating

    Preiskusila sem dezodorant ploščico Fresh strong in mi je zelo všeč, vse pohvale, zelo priporočam.

    review by Katja on 7/24/2023
  4. Rating

    Izdelek, ne pušča madežev, zaščiti pred neprijetnim vonjem. Lahko, bi malo močneje dišala, ampak vseeno odličen izdelek

    review by Katarina on 5/8/2023
  5. Rating

    Until now, I've been using a cream deodorant, but now I'm going to try a bar. I believe that it will not disappoint me.

    review by Tanja on 3/23/2023
  6. Rating

    I like it because it doesn't leave stains on clothes. The bar is easy to use and is nicely spreadable. It has a nice scent, but it doesn't smell after application, I really like that!

    review by Valerija on 3/16/2023
  7. Rating

    Amazing, like all the products I've tried so far :)

    review by Metka on 3/16/2023
  8. Rating

    Like the cream deo, this one is great. I have the feeling that the one in the container is a little stronger. But since my hormones are running a little wild right now, that's probably the reason for this feeling, which can be misleading.
    In short, I recommend it.

    review by Zdenka on 11/2/2022
  9. Rating

    I now have a deodorant bar for the first time and I like it. It's easier to apply than the one in the pot.

    review by Marjetka on 10/25/2022
  10. Rating

    Great bar. Effective, pleasant and without plastic packaging.

    review by Andreja on 10/10/2022
  11. Rating

    Excellent, personally I like it even more than in the cream..

    review by Zorica on 9/25/2022
  12. Rating

    A delicate and beautiful scent. A little greasy to apply, so if available in contact it will be great. I definitely recommend buying it. It works

    review by Renata on 9/23/2022
  13. Rating

    Perfect! Lasts all day, smells nice and applies nicely.

    review by Teja on 9/23/2022
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Solid Hand cream Fairy Hands


Deodorant cream FRESH SENSITIVE

Clay deodorant bar Fresh Strong

Discover our collection of natural deodorant bars handmade with vegan, cruelty free and 100% natural ingredients! 

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  • Vsebuje našo glino
  • Naravna kozmetika
  • Prijazno do živali
  • Ročno izdelano v Sloveniji
  • Naravna olja in zelišča
  • Veganski izdelek
  • Izdelek brez plastike

The FRESH STRONG deodorant bar is a strong and non-toxic deodorant with our Mineral Rich Grey Clay, that works in a completely NATURAL way. Beautifully soft Coconut Oil and Shea Butter will nourish the skin while baking soda and clay powder help to draw the moisture from your body, absorb it and neutralizes sweat pH. The natural, gentle and fresh essential oils work in perfect harmony, do not clog the pores and help maintain freshness.

Lemongrass eucalyptus natural essential oil blend has sweet grassy of fresh lemongrass with a hint of minty scent. Like a fresh summer morning. 

♥ For men and women and all skin types;
♥ Handmade with love in Slovenia (EU);
♥ 100% Original product ;
♥ 100% natural ingrediants;
♥ Plastic-free packaging;
♥ No aluminum,no parabens; no synthetic fragrance; no silicone, mineral oils ;
♥ Vegan friendly;
♥ Cruelty free and not tested on animals;
♥ Crafted in small batches;
♥ Made from clay with 70 years family tradition;

Swipe the deodorant over the dry and clean skin of your underarms with a few strokes to massage it in.

  • INCI: Cocos Nucifera ( Coconut) Oil • Butyrospermum Parkii ( Shea ) Butter •  Pure grey Clay • Sodium Bicarbonate •  Cetearyl Alcohol • Euphorbia Cerifera ( Candelilla ) Cera •  Cymbopogon Flexuosus ( Lemongrass )Oil ● Eucalyptus Globulus ( Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil ● Tocopherol ( Vitamin E)• Citral* ● naturally in Essential Oils*(  d-Limonene ● Geraniol ● Linalool ● Citronellol ● Eugenol)
  • Produce: T.A. NARAVA Tina Avguštin s.p., Suhadole 5c, 1218 Komenda, Slovenia, EU
  • Weight: 50 g

Clay deodorant bar Fresh Strong

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Made with pure therapeutic grey clay

Made with pure therapeutic grey clay

Handcrafted with love in Europe

Handcrafted with love in Europe

Pure botanical ingredients

Pure botanical ingredients

Environmentally and animal friendly

Environmentally and animal friendly