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    review by Layla on 8/30/2023
  2. Rating

    A great product that I have been missing for a while. Nice to look at, natural material and above all useful so that I don't have to struggle all the time with where to put the soap or shampoo.
    Well done Tina ❤️

    review by Špela on 12/27/2022
  3. Rating

    I am very satisfied with the product. It is beautiful, simple, just the right size and practical. What I like most is that the soap is always dry.

    review by Alma on 11/28/2022
  4. Rating

    I use Cheri for a deo bar. It is beautiful and decorative, it fits perfectly in the bathroom. As recommended by Tina, I added a few drops of my favorite lavender... It's a great idea for a gift, I'll definitely buy it for this purpose as well. I would have at least two more myself, but there is no room in the rack. More to come...

    review by Zdenka on 11/7/2022
  5. Rating

    I'm very satisfied, because before I kept the shampoo in its original packaging. It looks nice, but it's also durable.

    review by Sara on 11/2/2022
  6. Rating

    No more fuss, super practical. :-)

    review by Ana P on 11/2/2022
  7. Rating

    I was waiting for this!
    A very aesthetic solution for storing shampoo, but the best thing is that the shampoo dries immediately and does not run out faster due to moisture :)

    review by Ana on 11/2/2022
  8. Rating

    Good solution. That's all I was missing :)

    review by Petra on 11/2/2022
  9. Rating

    Today I received the youngest fairy- the icing on the cake! I improvised for a long time when storing clay shampoo. Now the circle is completely closed! I also infused essential oil on the soap dish, as recommended, and I'm enjoying the aromatherapy all day.

    review by Tina on 10/26/2022
  10. Rating

    Soap dish is really beautiful and practical for soaps :) What a great gift!

    review by Martina on 10/26/2022
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Dry shampoo LIGHT

Clay soap dish CHÉRI

Entirely handmade clay soap dish for solid cosmetics.


Availability: In stock


Beautiful handmade soap dish features zigzag design to allow water to drain away freely and keep the bar clean and dry to last longer.

Use for: 

♥ shampoo bars
♥ soap bars
♥ face cleansing bars
♥ deodorant bars
♥ solid creams
♥ massage bars

Cleaning: Wash it with hot water (if necessary, you can also use a water/vinegar mixture).

INCI:  Pure grey Clay and Love

Produced by: T.A. NARAVA Tina Avguštin s.p., Suhadole 5c, 1218 Komenda, Slovenia, EU

Inspired by Clay Fairy

Inspired by Clay Fairy

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Not tested on animals and never will be

Not tested on animals and never will be

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

70 years family clay tradition

70 years family clay tradition