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  1. Rating

    A sunny fairy that smells really nice and draws a smile on my face.

    review by Andreja on 5/24/2021
  2. Rating

    She is really great! I use it after waxing
    (no pimples, completely soothes the skin), with extremely dry skin all over the body, lips, sores, abrasions, pimples on the face. Excellent against dermatitis (used by a partner).

    review by Aleksandra on 3/12/2021
  3. Rating

    Santa brought 2 clay products to my mom who has completely different skin from me- very dry. But she is also very happy, the calendula ointment fascinated her, she can't believe that she takes it so little and spreads it so nicely.
    Thanks for such great products!

    review by Petra on 1/7/2021
  4. Rating

    Calendula ointment is great. It has a nice and gentle scent and spreads nicely. I use it for everything ... for abrasions, allergic reactions, dry lips, dry hands, pimples ..

    review by Mateja on 12/23/2020
  5. Rating

    Calendula is a wonderful cream!

    review by Teja on 12/15/2020
  6. Rating

    I have to say that I first tried your cream Calendula from one of my customers here at the bar, where I work and there was already a noticeable difference after the first use.

    review by Anja on 10/14/2020
  7. Rating

    I tried the calendula cream and it is great!!! In the evening when I applied it, it soothed my skin so nicely that I just looked at myself in the mirror for half an hour :) really really great !!!

    review by Janja on 8/26/2020
  8. Rating

    We are very happy with the cream. Of all the creams tested, this one works best. Thanks

    review by Metod on 8/12/2020
  9. Rating

    Calendula has already been tested and is excellent

    review by Klavdija on 7/13/2020
  10. Rating

    Thank you for helping me to fight this dermatitis.

    review by Tilen on 7/8/2020
  11. Rating

    Co-worker says no cream in her life has helped her so much for dermatitis and dry skin.

    review by Vanja on 6/30/2020
  12. I am happy to announce that your Calendula has healed my beautiful lower lip on which one crack has formed and did not want to go away.

    review by Kristin on 6/26/2020
  13. Rating

    Since I have problems with dermatitis and psoriasis, the cream really helps me a lot.

    review by Tanja on 6/15/2020
  14. Rating

    I use Calendula ointment as a day, night and as an eye cream. I massage a thin layer into damp skin. In the evening I also use a clay cleansing bar 1001 nights. Beautiful skin, no wrinkles and I'm going towards 40;)

    review by Maja on 6/15/2020
  15. Rating

    Fantastic face cream for dry skin. I love it.

    review by Laura on 6/2/2020
  16. Rating

    Very soothing. Quick shipping too! Thank you.

    review by Barbara on 6/2/2020
  17. Rating

    Great cream and smells nice.After the first application on the face, I felt the positive effects. The skin is smooth. :)

    review by Katja on 6/2/2020
  18. Rating

    Love this product!!! Works perfect with my skin. I will definitely be buying more!!

    review by Natalija on 6/2/2020
  19. Rating

    Clean simple ingredients. Fast shipping.

    review by Sonja on 6/2/2020
  20. Rating

    It's been a real life saver for my dry, winter hands.

    review by Dana on 6/2/2020
  21. Rating

    Absolutely love! I use it everyday!

    review by Maja on 6/2/2020
  22. Rating

    One of my must-haves on bedside table!

    review by Kim on 6/2/2020
  23. Rating

    Vsako zimo imam zelo razpokano kožo na petah. Ta krema mi deluje čarobno!!! Po pedikuri namažem vsak zvečer in peta po par dni postane mehka, brez razpok. Nepogrešljiva! :-)

    review by Timea on 2/8/2020
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Facial cream GORGEOUS


Tooth powder SMILE

Face and body ointment CALENDULA

Everyone should have a pot of this little miracle worker in their bathroom ! Perfect for all skin types.

Availability: In stock


This pure clay calendula oitment is handmade with highest quality calendula flowers, extra virgin olive oil, mineral-rich Clay and Beeswex wax, a perfect mixture of natural ingredients which protects, regenerates and nourishes the skin. Calendula can be used on all skin types ( face and body) , but is especially beneficial for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. You'll feel it yourself from the first time you'll use it.

GlinaSi ointment Calendula smell like the earth and sunshine. The scent of heat rising from the earth. It´s rich and golden. 

Massage a thin layer of the ointment into dry or wet skin several times a day.


  • Formulated by holistic skincare expert, licensed esthetician, and massage therapist Tina Avguštin.  
  • Inspired by Ancient beauty rituals ;
  • 60 years familiy tradition with Slovenian Clay;
  • 100% pure ;
  • 100% natural; 
  • 100% Cruelty free and not tested on animals;
  • Original product;
  • Handmade with love in Slovenia (EU)
  • Crafted in small batches;
  • No parabens;
  • No Synthetic Fragrance;
  • No silicone, mineral oils & parabens;


  • INCI: Calendula Officinalis Flower • Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil • Cera Alba ( Beeswax ) • Pure Grey Clay
  • Produce: T.A. NARAVA Tina Avguštin s.p., Suhadole 5c, 1218 Komenda, Slovenia, EU
  • Weight: 25 g
Inspired by Clay Fairy

Inspired by Clay Fairy

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Made with silica rich natural clay & pure botanical ingredients

Not tested on animals and never will be

Not tested on animals and never will be

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

Handcrafted with love in Slovenia (EU)

70 years family clay tradition

70 years family clay tradition